Sunday, 10 July 2016

I Did The Right Thing

I did the right thing by giving him and myself a chance. A chance to love.
I almost forgot the fact that right love is meant to make you feel good, calm and most of all - happy. The right person will push you in becoming a better person and it's true.


I believe God must have sent him to me because he was there when I thought I was alone. He was there despite me pushing him away. He was there when all I wanted to do was to give up on everything I had.


I did not realise the time when I started to fall for him. He is a keeper.
I'm glad he's mine and I'm glad he has made an effort to have me being part of his life as well. I thank God for not giving up on me. I thank God for not allowing him to give up on me.

Because the truth is I love him.